Office of Dispute Resolution for the Sixth Judicial District

Welcome to the 6th District ADR Program

Established in 1994, this office serves the Superior, State, Probate and Magistrate Courts of Butts, Fayette, Henry, Lamar, Monroe, Pike, Spalding and Upson Counties, all in the Flint, Griffin and Towaliga Judicial Circuits

Alternative Dispute Resolution or “ADR” refers to any method other than litigation for resolution of disputes. ADR methods may include mediation, arbitration and early neutral evaluation. ADR uses a third, neutral person to facilitate negotiations between other parties who are in conflict. In mediation, the “mediator” will attempt to assist you in working out a solution that is fair, reasonable, and acceptable as a way to resolve the dispute. It is not about who is at fault, but rather what can be done to settle the problem. In arbitration, the “arbitrator” will issue an award after a hearing at which both parties have an opportunity to be heard. Arbitration is non-binding unless the parties agree otherwise. Early Neutral Evaluation or ENE is a process in which a lawyer with expertise in the subject matter of the litigation acts as a neutral evaluator of the case.


During calendar year 2017, approximately 1487 cases were referred to the ADR Program. Of those cases, about 1081 were mediated with an overall settlement rate of 54%

Referred cases
Mediated cases
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